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monthly per user (min. 30 users)

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User Tier Pricing

Users Standard price Introductory offer
50% first year discount
30 €357 €178
50 €595 €297
80 €952 €476
120 €1428 €714
170 €2023 €1012
230 €2737 €1369

Price per calendar month


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How do we get started (what is free onboarding support)?2022-04-25T21:02:39+00:00

We want you to get the best out of GNC Go and strongly recommend that you take us up on our offer of free onboarding support.

GNC Go is designed to be super-simple for your users. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for space configuration management standards, so GNC Go has some powerful system configuration tools to get you set up for the way you want to work. We’ll guide you through your initial setup, and we’re always happy to talk through any questions you might have along the way.

So, if you’re new to space configuration management, we’ll help you to get up and running the right way, with GNC Go.
And if you’re seasoned space veterans, we’ll show you how GNC Go can maximise your team’s Isp!

How does the first year introductory offer work?2022-04-23T09:30:48+00:00

As an introductory special offer, the SME Space Heroes plan is discounted for your first year. This includes all user tiers – so you can get your whole team on board!  After your first year the current standard pricing will apply.

How do user tiers work?2022-04-23T21:54:16+00:00

The SME Space Heroes plan operates on a user tier principle. A user tier is the maximum number of active users included in your current subscription.  Your User Admin can add new active users, and disable unwanted user accounts, at any time.

If you need more users than your current tier, you can just go ahead and add them – we’ll notify you that you’ve exceeded your current subscription level, and upgrade you to the next user tier.

If your number of active users would fit into a lower user tier – we’ll notify you that you there’s a better tier for you, and switch you over to that user tier.

How do subscription payments work?2022-06-20T21:51:46+00:00

GNC Go uses the GoCardless payment system for simple and secure Direct Debit payments in your local currency. Monthly invoices provided on request.

What if we want to cancel our subscription?2022-04-24T04:29:13+00:00

There’s no lock-in and you can cancel your subscription at any time – we’ll get in touch to discuss options for data export.

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