Our Security System. We employ continuous monitoring for potential vulnerabilities and attack; and we continuously review and update our tools and technology to stay on top of the latest security developments.

User Accounts. Your private passwords are salted, hashed, and stored with 256-bit encryption. Two Factor Authentication. (2FA) is available for all accounts and is (optionally) admin-enforceable.

In Transit. GNC Go uses 256-bit SSL/HTTPS secure channels for bank-standard encryption on all of your data transmissions to and from our servers.

At Rest. We use secure servers (based in the UK and EU by default) to host all GNC Go data, and make extensive use of their built-in firewalls to protect your data against unauthorised remote access. Our data centres are leaders in the field of info-security and employ multi-layer security models deploying a variety of technological, human and physical measures to protect your data.